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We offer a $50 Premier Member Discount on many of the courses available in our Learning Center. This discount will be applied automatically to Premier Members once you add the course to your cart (as long as you are appropriately logged into the site.)

Occassionally there may be a special course or event that requires that you enter a discount code at checkout, when that happens we will place the discount code here. (at this time there are no special discount codes)

Here is a list of all the APPPAH Learning Center courses that currently qualify for the $50 Premier Discount:

Weaving CranioSacral Therapy and Birth Psychology for Conception, Pregnancy, and Birth
Attuning to Our Core Essence – Foundational Teachings from Ray Castellino with Tara Blasco PhD, RCST and Mary Jackson RN, LM, RCST"
Acts of the Soul: embryology and birth psychology with Jaap van der Wal
Frontiers in Prenatal and Perinatal Psychology with Dr. Thomas Verny
Essential Teachings in Prenatal and Perinatal Psychology with Dr. William Emerson
Seeing Birth from the Babies Perspective
Pregnancy Dialogues (TM) Facilitator Training
Embodied Mind with Dr. Thomas Verny