Concurrent Session: Suzanne Arms

Fri, 11/18/2011 - 16:30 to 17:30
Suzanne Arms Trauma during the Primal Period – Immediate and long-term impact on individuals, families, and implications for society. We shall examine the immediate and longer-term costs when a baby or mother-baby have experiences during the time from pre-conception to the child’s first birthday that flood and overwhelm the developing nervous system and endocrine systems and negatively affect the developing immune system and mother-baby bond. The human is a self-healing organism, striving for dynamic balance. Trauma to the baby or mother during this critical primal period of development is different from that which occurs at other times and more complex in its impact. There are many things that the mother and father/partner and health professionals and systems can do to prevent trauma and facilitate healing and integration. There is a proliferation of effective modalities for healing that address the whole human – mind, body, emotions and spirit – most of them rooted in ancient wisdom and innate intuition. Science, focusing on sound biological principles, is becoming more refined in its ability to assess trauma and what works and what is not helpful during the primal period. In this breakout session we will cover many topics that are valuable to the life and work of practitioners, researchers, healers, educators, parents and advocates.

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