Cheek Memorial Lecture: “What David Cheek wants us to know in 2012”

Fri, 11/16/2012 - 19:30 to 20:15

This lecture is dedicated to honoring the memory and work of David Cheek, M.D., a pioneer in delivering Obstetrical care infused with the broadest definition of psychology in all phases of reproduction. Dr Cheek was a prolific writer and contributor to the medical literature, and it is in the interest of carrying on his dedication to the sharing of knowledge that Joel M. Evans, M.D. will present to the Congress the latest research from the medical literature that reflects and expands upon the interests of Dr. Cheeks. As an Obstetrician that fully understands the mission and purpose of APPPAH and has served the organization as a Director, Dr. Evans will show us how to use the latest medical information to holistically improve pregnancy care in order to help us push the envelope one step further in a direction that would make Dr. Cheek proud.


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