Prenatal Bonding (BA) - A Universal Healing

Thu, 11/15/2012 - 09:00 to 16:00

Why can Prenatal Bonding (BA) be a Universal Healing? The application to far over 2000 pregnancies in Europe (and now beginning in the United States) and its careful evaluation is evidence for far-reaching empowering repercussions to the pregnant mother and even more to the growing new generation. Details about the immediate healing to every pregnancy and birth, as well as long term effects to health and personality of the child will be revealed. Since the first presentation of Prenatal Bonding (BA) at the APPPAH Conference at Asilomar 2009 numerous lectures and introductory workshops have been given at many places in Europe and in the United States. A training format has been designed especially for the US that welds Raffai's method with Emerson's Pre- and Perinatal Awareness, and Group-Analytic Processing. The method is being taught in the US in Seattle/WA and Champaign/IL. (Plans are underway for a training beginning April, 2013 in California.) – This pre-congress workshop also invites you to learn about the facilitation technique of Prenatal Bonding (BA), encounter case studies, evaluation, and the core principals of the 2 year training.


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