Sunrise Keynote: The Lifelong Need for Love: It Never Ends

Sat, 11/17/2012 - 08:00 to 09:00

Love is our innate nature. It is our universal birthright to feel lovable, and loved, and to give and receive love -- with ease and confidence. Consistent and dependable love is essential for the development of self-worth and emotional intimacy. Ideally, this primal bond is begun in the womb, and is perfected by our parent's attention, care, and love. The latest neuroscience indicates that by the second year of life, this bond - or lack of one - is deeply wired into our neurological and psychological attachment system. Research shows that early attachment styles affect adult intimacy dynamics, and indicates that only 50% of the population experiences secure attachment. At every stage of life, from prenate to infant, child to teen, and adult to elder, we need and depend on another person to "co-regulate" us when we feel insecure. This is a lifelong requirement that we never outgrow.

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