Transformational Education for Young Adults – Birth of a New Earth Curriculum for Conscious Procreation

Fri, 11/16/2012 - 14:30 to 15:30

This one-hour presentation will include information about the Birth of a New Earth Curriculum. Geared toward educating future parents and young adults about the benefits of taking a conscious approach toward reproduction, the Birth of a New Earth Curriculum is designed to prevent prenatal and birth trauma by offering information about these realities before individuals conceive their children. The Curriculum outlines the importance of the entire primal period - including the preconception environment, the conception imprint, the womb and birth experience, and the post-birth environment. It offers meaningful conversation about human sexuality and the hazards of haphazard conception, as well as the benefits of conscious conception, trauma-free pregnancy, gentle birth, and conscious parenting. The curriculum is intending to fill a void in current educational programs which emphasize “sex education” but offer little or no opportunity for truly meaningful discussion about human sexuality, healthy relationships, healthy families, and/or human love. This approach is a revolutionary new addition to the pre- and perinatal community and holds the keys to the birth of a new humanity.

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