Aligning Our Multidimensional Wholeness and Awakening our Human Experience within Its Embrace: Babies, Families and All of Us

Fri, 11/15/2013 - 08:30 to 09:30

We are at a fundamental tipping point in western culture. Our understandings of who babies are, what they are capable of, what they need, and what is happening during their time in the womb, birth and newborn period are in the midst of quantum change. The 20th century Newtonian worldview that considered our core nature to be biological is expanding into 21st century multidimensional consciousness-based worldviews. Our consciousness-based holistic, integrated, and integral lens guide us in new possibilities for health and healing and expand what it means to be human.

As Schlitz and Amorok suggest in their book Consciousness and Healing, “Consciousness shifts our healing efforts and results from a change that expands the range and scope of what is possible, to a change that actually transforms the entire landscape.” Nowhere is that more true than for babies and families at the beginning of life.

At the heart of healing and human potential lies aligning our multidimensional wholeness and awakening our human experience within its embrace. Dr. McCarty weaves essences gathered from prenatal and perinatal psychology, her groundbreaking Integrated Model of early development, heart intelligence research, and energy psychology healing modalities into a multidimensional Integrated Approach to support babies’ and families’ healing and wholeness. Stories included.

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