The Art of Somatic Experiencing: Integrating Somatics and Art Therapy in Healing Pre- and Perinatal Trauma

Sat, 11/16/2013 - 14:00 to 17:00
The after effects of pre-and perinatal trauma reside in preverbal sensation cues in the autonomic nervous system. These aftereffects include dissociation, rigidity, constriction, helplessness and alienation. The somatic experiencing technique of ‘Pendulation’ softens the body’s immobility response in one’s natural defenses against a perceived danger. Combining art process with pendulation (between imagery and sensation, feelings, thoughts or behaviors) invites fluidity, spaciousness and an effective way to reach preverbal experience. An alignment with right hemispheric processes like art and movement is essential to the release of traumatic aftereffects. By working directly with the hard copy image of the experience one can shift sensations, feelings, rigid body patterns and images of the event. This integrative model shifts the preverbal cues in the nervous system and creates a felt sense of fluidity in the bodymind. Because cognitive understanding is often absent with preverbal trauma, somatic shifts can restore cognition and a sense of well-being. Participants in this workshop will learn to: 1. Describe the 5 channels of experience (SIBAM Model). 2. Understand how traumatic experience is stored in the autonomic nervous system. 3. Use the technique of 'pendulation' via lecture and experiential exercises. 4. Understand somatic resourcing and titration in the resolution of trauma.
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