Birth Story Medicine®

Sat, 11/16/2013 - 08:30 to 09:30

Through careful observation over twenty years, Pam England noticed that the way a mother or father thinks and talks about their experience of giving birth (or witnessing a birth) goes through a fairly predictable evolution as the storyteller seeks meaning and resolution. Immediately after childbirth, a mother typically feels grateful and accepts what happened. However, weeks, months or even years later, she may find that doubts and negative feelings erupt. This begins her journey “home” through the Nine Birth Story Gates.

When the mother gets stuck at a Gate, her negative beliefs live on in her parenting, relationships, and future birth experiences. The story she tells herself and her child becomes a source of assumptions, rules, and beliefs about what childbirth is or should be for the next generation. Against the colorful backdrop of birth story images, Pam will explore: the six social seeds of birth trauma; how to minimize emotional birth trauma in adults who give birth or witness birth; the nine “birth story gates;” birth story “morphing” and birth story “virus.”

When millions of women tell wounded birth stories, that Story becomes birth in our culture. When we heal the stories we tell each other and our children, we begin to change birth in our culture.

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