Fascinating Rhythm! Repetitive, Rhythmic Movement for Healing Trauma

Sat, 11/16/2013 - 14:00 to 17:00
Recent neurobiological research (Perry, 2009, 2006; Porges, 2011; van der Kolk, 1991; Siegal, 2003) of early developmental trauma emphasizes the effectiveness of repetitive and rhythmic movement used in creative arts therapies to repair neuropsychological patterning. Though it may be argued that these fields have long known the healing power of repetitive movement patterning, it seems now is when the greater psychological community is awakening to the effectiveness of these approaches to repair traumatic/developmental injury. Drawing from neurobiological research, intrautero and extrautero developmental movement research, and dance movement therapy research (Caldwell, 1996; Levy, 1992; Schmais, 1985), we will focus on exploring experientially/didactically, studies that addresses how/why repetitive movement is suggested for healing trauma, including when movement repetition may be contraindicated and how to work with movement repetition and addictive behaviors. Learning objectives: 1. Integration of key developmental /neurobiological markers for understanding trauma etiology 2. Identification of repetitive movement that facilitates re-patterning neurological circuitry 3. Experiential opportunities to embody repetitive movement phenomena and defensive responses 4. Recognition of where repetitive movement patterning may be contraindicated
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