Fostering the Couple Connection in the Transition to Parenthood

Sat, 11/16/2013 - 14:00 to 17:00
The presenters join forces to present a dynamic workshop that explores the relationship challenges new parents face and ways to enrich the couple bond as they step over the threshold into parenthood. The impact of a new baby on the parental relationship is profound. Creative strategies that strengthen the bond for couples before the baby arrives are a powerful antidote to relationship stress and are also the basis for healing, growth and stability in the years ahead. This experiential workshop will blend demonstrated energy medicine techniques, visualization tools and role play activities that the presenters use in private counseling and in The Birth Empowerment Workshop® couple’s retreat. Using creative art expression and energy healing exercises, participants will gain: 1. Confidence in facilitating the couple bond as new parents confront a range of issues 2. Awareness of how attachment theory applies to couples and how this influences adult relationship patterns 3. Appreciation of how understanding the ‘energy’ of relationship can help in fundamental ways 4. Knowledge of different sensory types with their signature energetic styles and how utilizing this can build bridges to each other 5. Experience in using energy medicine techniques to foster relationship solidarity
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