A Healing Time for Mothers

Sun, 11/17/2013 - 13:30 to 17:30
Pregnancy, birth, and the early bonding period set in motion the foundation of life-patterns for baby, mother, the mother-child relationship and fathers too. Too often these experiences are not ideal. Many mothers carry unresolved and unspoken grief, disappointment, pain, trauma, or regrets from their pregnancies, births, and early mothering experiences. They see how difficult early experiences created a cascade of diminished opportunities, how events affected their child’s potential, or disrupted their relationship with their child or partner. Whether in the midst of those difficult experiences now or decades have passed, this workshop is to provide mothers a healing process to help find greater peace, relief, and to allow the story of that earlier time to have new meaning. Dr. McCarty will share her approach and experience of family healing incorporating prenatal and perinatal psychology understandings and energy psychology healing processes. Mothers have the opportunity to quiet into a guided reflective process to consider earlier experiences and discover what emerges for healing. Together, we do a group energy psychology TAT® healing process. A second reflective time and a TAT® surrogate healing process for your child or family follows along with time for integrative sharing. Please arrange childcare for babies or children. Participants sign an informed consent. This workshop does not replace psychotherapy or medical care. At the conclusion of this workshop, participants will be able to: 1. Identity 5 key elements in healing unresolved experiences from prenatal, birth, and the postnatal period for themselves and their children. 2. Describe their felt-sense healing experienced during the workshop. 3. Do the TAT® process for themselves and children at home. 4. Describe 3 key approaches at home to help their children heal from unresolved early experiences that effect them today. 5. Locate 3 follow-up resources to utilize TAT® and other energy psychology healing tools for their own family use.

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