How Birth Influences Behavior: A Somatic Approach for lasting Resolution of Shock and Trauma

Thu, 11/14/2013 - 09:30 to 16:30
Join Annie Brook to explore this creative work that helps people to unravel the ‘pre-cognitive stories’ of their lives. Such work addresses nameless anxieties, sleep issues, and self-worth and identity. In this one day workshop Annie will bring together perinatal theories, case-studies, and methods of treatment. She is known for her experiential teaching style, which makes learning informative, enjoyable, and integrative. Her work is unique in its depth, and Annie will offer a demo session, guide somatic practices, and engage in dialog about this fascinating field of pre and perinatal treatment. Surfacing and resolving early stories helps clients to settle. Learn the neuroscience behind work with the earliest brain states of dissociation and fragmentation, and methods to rebalance the nervous system. Come prepared to enjoy and engage. This work is highly effective with clients of all ages and is an artful form of somatic psychotherapy. Learning objectives: 1. To learn the difference between shock and trauma and be able to describe this difference to clients 2. To demonstrate how to work with shock in a clinical or family setting and help connection be re-established 3. To explain and demonstrate the difference in the nervous system between sympathetic fragmentation and parasympathetic dissociation and how to treat at these levels

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