How love is born for a newborn baby

It is one of the most transforming experiences in life to love and be loved. It is one of the most powerful experiences in life to carry and nourish the development of two cells to the birth of a new life. The confluence of birth and love should not be taken for granted. Significant numbers of people carry the memories of an unhappy childhood lacking motherly and/or parental love.

Objective: To discover and describe how mother's love arises.

Place of Research: Department of Obsterics, Semmelweis University, Budapest. 500 healthy mothers who delivered normal babies were asked to participate in a questionnaire-based survey.

Conclusion: The development of love for the newborn baby has clearly identifiable stages. In many cases the experience of love within the mother begins with the desire to have a child. The sensation of love may come through love signals, like „he crawled under my hand when he was inside.” In most cases the mother's newly awakened love, the newborn, and the relationship
between them brings the transformation. "I am not good at forgiving but I am always going to forgive him.”

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