Music is Medicine for the Heart and Soul: Using Music to Cultivate “Presence” Throughout the Parenting Journey

Fri, 11/15/2013 - 09:45 to 10:45
Research has shown that of all our senses, hearing is the first to arrive - in utero at 24 weeks - and the last to go before we take our last breath. This suggests a foundational role that music can play to strengthen a vital aspect of our essential healing nature that is often referred to as presence. Music can be intentionally utilized for the full spectrum of the parenting journey – from conception all the way through the bonding process and beyond. Now that our culture is permanently wired to inundate us with digital media, most people can be easily distracted from the focus our children need that can make such a difference on their lives. Research has shown that multi-sensory modalities such as music can help the parent shift their focus during those vital moments when nothing less than loving attention will do. A growing body of evidence shows that applying music to dramatically bring us into the present moment so that we can stop, take a breath, open our hearts and come back to our senses so we can see things as they really are with greater depth, compassion, and a broader perspective.
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