Nourishing Heart Intelligence From the Start: Cultivating a Meaningful Connection Between Parent and Baby From Conception to Birth

Sun, 11/17/2013 - 13:30 to 17:30

Thanks to new research in Neuroscience and Developmental Psychology we know that the gestation period of women’s pregnancies is vitally important for the healthy development of the child - physically, mentally, and emotionally.

During this information filled and experiential workshop, you will be introduced to new practices and modalities that will enable both parents to cultivate emotional self-regulation and stress reduction tools. These are essential additions to the healthcare provider’s toolkit for supporting parents during this often overlooked phase in the healthy development of the child.

You will learn some of the groundbreaking work of the Institute of HeartMath and how “coherence” can serve in a person’s well being. You will discover how one’s biochemistry can have a dramatic influence on the capacity for the parent and child to be fully present during the prenatal phase from the moment of conception to the birth. You will also learn how to support parents in cultivating their intuitive, imaginative capacities for connecting to their baby in the womb through the power of music-infused guided imagery. These resources – during this crucial time - can very well be among the most important health prevention practices for our future generations.

Learning Objectives

• Understand Heart Coherence as an important resource for intuitive bonding;
• Learn Exercises that facilitate a deep calm in the parent;
• Experience guided imagery practices as a tool for prenatal bonding;
• Explore ways to use sound and music strategies during prenatal development


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