Sensory Integration: Tools and Tips for Integrating Birth to Health

Sat, 11/16/2013 - 14:00 to 17:00

Birth is a foundational experience that is replayed throughout life. A traumatic impact from the prenatal period, or birth, can affect an individual from infancy through old age. When one understands these traumas, and can identify them, it can be a powerful aid to improving outcomes in all types of patients. A number of illnesses and developmental disabilities can be traced to many forms of birth trauma. The ability to identify these can provide empathetic responses that help release the initial trauma. The potential for profound and fundamental healing increases tremendously by applying the knowledge and techniques associated with the resolutions of birth trauma.

In this training we will look at the vital role of Sensory Integration and its part in birth trauma. We will learn about Sensory Integration development and history. We will see how birth trauma behaviors develop in the Sensory Integration Process, and we will learn a variety of treatment techniques and how they impact clinical outcomes. We will focus on play techniques that support Sensory Integration and healing of birth trauma.

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