A Teaspoon of Birth Story Medicine

Sun, 11/17/2013 - 13:30 to 17:30
This four-hour experiential session will forever change the way you tell or listen to birth stories. Participants will experience the paradigm-shifting power of Birth Story Medicine as Pam leads one or two of the processes. Every birth storyteller needs a birth story-listener... but who is listening? When you listen to mothers who are disappointed, guilty, upset, or sad about their experience of giving birth, do you feel angry, stuck, or speechless? Is it hard to listen deeply to them, because you only hear the judgments, advice, and confusion in your own mind? These questions will open a lively discussion, demonstration, and practice as you explore the dynamic between the storyteller and the story-listener, and how to listen deeply to the heart of the story (rather than the details). Even when your interaction with a traumatized mother is brief, you can make a profound difference; Learn the single most important response you can offer to someone with emotional birth trauma, one that can become the seed of their healing. Learning objectives: • State the six seeds of emotional birth trauma. • Explain the importance of identifying the archetypal voice of the storyteller. • Demonstrate the most important response to someone with emotional birth trauma.

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