Using Psychodrama in Childbirth Education and Birth

Fri, 11/15/2013 - 16:00 to 17:30

Childbirth benefits greatly in using more right brain functions during labor. The right brain covers all senses, feelings, insight, creativity , spontaneity etc It influences women to not to think, evaluate, criticize and question. I use lots of games, role plays, art, and action in chidbirth classes.. Through using special psychodrama activities, the participant can experience with her body and influence her body memories to re-ignite. The body memory keeps the learning with right brain, and the body remembers all details during the labor without thinking. The cortex stops, the body works. All bodily records can be remembered easily during the labor and birth itself.

Psychodrama also helps the mother and father to release past birth or life traumas through action not talking. This creates cellular shifts toward new beliefs and perceptions. Psychodrama is a kind of group therapy and personal development in which everybody can take the role of persons, subjects, feelings, and time. This role taking and role reversal can make a healthy space for participants to experience all memories in the here and now. In childbirth classes mother can be the role of oxytocin and the father can be the role of birth muscles. When they get those different roles spontaneously , they can feel the role and they become more empathic. Since they use their creativity and their laughter, they can enjoy in action by learning childbirth.

In this presentation you will understand theory and applications of psychodrama in childbirth classes. You will also experience some basic techniques as a demonstration.

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