Womb Stories-Using Mandalas to Heal Birth Trauma

Sat, 11/16/2013 - 14:00 to 17:00
Mavis Gewant will present an overview of how Sacred Imagery can be used as a way to go inward and connect with the Divine Feminine. Mandalas, a sacred circle that connects us to our unconscious, helps bring forth the stories we carry about our births, whether they were our own or the birth of our children. In this workshop, Mavis will use Mandala, sharing, meditation and the creative process as a way to heal our stories, move forward, and create new ones. This workshop is suitable for those working with women that were overwhelmed by their birth experience, women that had a c-section and want a VBAC, and women that had an unexpected outcome or loss. It is also important as birth workers to heal our own birth trauma, so we don’t bring our stories to our client’s births. The techniques in this workshop will help you and your clients release the energy and fear around their birth story, experience the power of forgiveness, recover trust, learn stress coping techniques and help those that need to reconnect with their baby. Learning Objectives 1. Participants will gain hands on knowledge of how to make and use a mandala as a healing tool 2. Participants will experience the importance of healing ones own birth trauma when working with others 3. Learn how our birth stories impact our future births and relationships with our babies
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