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We are very pleased to provide you with more information about our fantastic lineup of Congress Keynote Speakers at this year's APPPAH 20th International Congress! 

There will be a wide range of specialist topics, skills and knowledge shared with you by our esteemed Keynote presenters over the course of the Congress, which will take place at the Town and Country Resort and Convention Centre, San Diego on 30th November - 3rd December 2017.  

The APPPAH 20th International Congress is the ideal opportunity to enhance your learning, enrich your pre- and perinatal education, and to discover new skills, techniques and procedures, so make sure that you register soon!




You can click on the below Keynote Speaker for more detailed information about each speaker and what they will be sharing with you at the APPPAH 20th International Congress:​

John & Anna Chitty, "Overview of Polyvagal Theory"
Ann Diamond Weinstein, "The Impacts of Past Trauma on Experience During the Preconception, Prenatal and Early Parenting Periods: Implications for Parents-to-Be, Developing Babies, and Practitioners"
Ray Castellino & Mary Jackson, "Harmonic Resonance & the Blueprint/Imprint of Somatics"​
Catherine Monk, "A Dvad during Pregnancy: The Mother Infant Relationship before Birth and Why It Matters"
Barbara Morrison, "From Breastfeeding to Body-Feeding: Clinical Implications"
Darcia Narvaez, "The Evolved Nest: What Children Need to Thrive​"
Thomas Verny, "Advances in Neuroscience, Relevance to Pre and Perinatal Psychology"