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Barbara Morrison

Brief Bio:  Barbara Morrison, PhD, RN, NM, FNP, IBCLC is an associate professor in the Janice M. Riordan Distinguished Professorship in Maternal Child Health at Wichita State University.  Her mission is to inspire and promote health care reform to enhance physiologically and ecologically appropriate care for parent-newborn dyads especially as it relates to establishing breastfeeding, immediate and sustained skin-to-skin holding, and optimal attachment and bonding.  Dr. Morrison’s research interests include the impact of breastfeeding and skin-to-skin holding on psycho-neuro-endocrine development of newborns and parents, and implementing best evidence-based breastfeeding and attachment practices in hospital birthing and postpartum units, and in the community.

Title of Presentation: "From Breastfeeding to Body-Feeding: Clinical Implications"

Brief Description of Presentation: Breastfeeding is the primary focus after birth, while lip service is given to means and significance of establishing strong attachment relationships. Rooted in neurobiological theory, the habitat of sustained skin-to- skin holding and breastfeeding, aka. body-feeding, provides neonates with sensory nutrients needed for strong attachments and optimal CNS development. The challenge for providers and researchers is to promote, support and protect the optimal habitat for infants.