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Catherine Monk

Brief Bio:  Dr. Catherine Monk is Associate Professor in the Departments of Psychiatry, and Obstetrics & Gynecology, Director of Research at the Women's Program, Senior Sackler Scientist in Developmental Science at Columbia University Medical Center and Research Scientist VI at the New York State Psychiatric Institute. A graduate of an all-women's college, the following observation animates Dr. Monk's research program: Biological sex differences, gender roles, and women's unique lift transitions from puberty, reproductive years, to menopause and beyond have been ignored in academic medicine for far too long. To that end, Dr. Monk's current work examines women's and infants emotional well being as they are profoundly interconnected, as well as focuses on domestic violence.

Title of Presentation: "A Divad during Pregnancy: The Mother Infant Relationship before Birth and Why it Matters"

Brief Description of Presentation: Women's experiences during pregnancy- including stress, depression, anxiety, after the baby before birth. This presentation will review some of the research in this area, including some showing differences in fetal behavior, newborn brain development, and placental gene regulation, related to women's psycosocial functioning in pregnancy. There is a possible third pathway for the familial inheritance of risk for mental health problems: the impact of pregnant women's distress on fetal and infant brain-behavior development.