Dr. Alison Hazelbaker

Brief Bio: Dr. Alison Hazelbaker is a lactation consultant and craniosacral therapist in private practice with over 30 years of experience working with infant sucking issues. As a developmental psychologist, she has become increasingly concerned about the number of babies with dysfunctional feeding behaviors and their etiologies. She has taken special training in pre and perinatal psychology and neuroreflex integration therapy to assist these babies. She is a certified craniosacral therapist in both the Upledger and Biodynamic schools and uses these skills liberally when rectifying infant suck-swallow-breathe issues. Dr. Hazelbaker teaches courses to bodyworkers to help them sharpen their skills so they can work specifically with trauma-based infant sucking problems.

Title of Presentation: "Infant Sucking Problems: Marker for Perinatal Trauma"

Brief Description of Presentation: Much discussion has taken place about maternal trauma from birth events. What happens to the baby during gestation and the intrapartum period has been left out of this important discussion. This presentation explores the role perinatal trauma plays in the infant survival behavior of breastfeeding and its driving force, infant suck-swallow-breathe coordination.