Dr Deepti Goyal

Brief Bio: Deepti has been an Ob. Gynae practitioner for the last 20 years but always wanted some change in the way it was practiced. She was just carrying on with that till March 2010 when she came in contact of a spiritual community. This new understanding of the self and relation with others, gave her a new outlook of the patients and the babies in their wombs. She started writing meditation commentaries for welcoming the baby and bonding with the baby for a normal delivery and made different diet charts for them. Based on this she prepared a program called ‘The Fifth Dimension’ for pregnant couples and those planning pregnancy. 

Title of Presentation: "Review of ancient Indian literature related to preconception"

Brief Description of Presentation: Cleansing the body through various techniques, specific diet, harmony in the family and a clear guidance about the type of baby you want to conceive is of utmost important as per ancient Indian literature.