Dr Joann M. O'Leary

Brief Bio: Dr O Leary is an adjunct Professor at Marian University. She is endorsed as a research expert and mentor from the Michigan Infant Mental Health Association. She has spent many years collaborating and conducting research with parents on pregnancy loss, parents raising children after a loss and adults who were the child in their family born after loss. She has published extensively in this area, spoken nationally and internationally on this topic and has a recently published a book on her years of work with Routledge. In 2014 she presented workshops in four different states in Australia sponsored by the Australian Psychological Society. She has taught at the both graduate and undergraduate level on prenatal parenting, unexpected outcome of pregnancy including preterm birth, the birth of a baby with special needs, infant loss, loss within multi-fetal pregnancy and has specialized in the pregnancy following perinatal loss.

Title of Presentation: "Carried in the Shadow of Grief"

Brief Description of Presentation: This presentation describes how perinatal loss can influence the unborn child’s personality traits either positively or disobliging into adulthood due to parental behaviors during pregnancy.