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Gena McCarthy

Brief Bio: Gena McCarthy MFT is a perinatal psychotherapist, a certified EMDR provider and a developer and educator of Parent ceremonies and birth trauma healing models, trained in Shamanic, Buddhist and Cherokee Peacekeeper teachings and cross-cultural ways of healing. She was a maternal – infant RN for 35 years. She offers continuing education courses for Midwives, Nurses and Doulas in Birth Spirituality and Healing with optional Coach certification. She has been a consultant and educator to community maternal health clinic groups, co- developed perinatal integrative health programs and is the founder of the Contra Costa Perinatal to Wellness Network and the Birth Spirituality and Healing Network which offers local and web-wide Healing Birth Mother Renewal Workshops, Parent Ceremonies and Sister Circles for Perinatal Professionals. Find out more at her website.

Title of Presentation: "Community Ceremony, Somatic Resourcing Practice for Parents​"

Brief Description of Presentation: This presentation introduces the effectiveness of cross cultural ceremonies to prepare and resource perinatal parents and professionals, neurobiologically and emotionally.  It will include a short ceremony for participants and practical examples of incorporating ceremony in work.