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Holly Lammer

Brief Bio: Holly is an OB nurse, yoga teacher and childbirth instructor.  Her emphasis as a bedside Labor RN at a high volume hospital for over 18 years has been to help create policy and practice change to support physiologic birth in the hospital setting, even in light of complication.  A driving force for family centered, evidence-based practice, her passion is apparent in her program content and teaching style.  She has blended her years of experience in this setting with her training and research in mind-body therapies to form unique educational programs for pregnant women and the birth professionals that care for them. Holly believes strongly that peace on earth begins before birth and that with mindful awareness of the importance of conscious conception, gestation and birth, we have the power to change the trajectory of violence and disease that is prevalent across the world.  Women and care providers can work together to create positive, powerful birth experiences that build a strong foundation of mental, physical and emotional health for babies.

Holly has created and teaches the only mindfulness-based birth education program in her community, Intuitive Birth, and holds regular trainings for nurses, doulas, midwives and other birth professionals.  She also co-owns the only registered prenatal yoga school in Idaho and does regular teacher trainings as well as teaching her own version of prenatal yoga called Embryoga.  When she’s not teaching or working as a nurse, she still finds time to pursue her passion for backpacking and exploring with her husband and family.

Title of Presentation: "Mindfulness Practice for Pregnancy, Birth and Beyond"

Brief Description of Presentation: How to reduce the effects of stress and prepare for birth with mindfulness practice.  A worskhop for parents and providers.