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John & Anna Chitty

Brief Bio:  John and Anna Chitty operate Colorado School of Energy Studies in Boulder Colorado (established 1992, www.EnergySchool.com); they have taught and written extensively about Polyvagal Theory and applied it to several clinical contexts. Publications on the topic include The Triune Autonomic Nervous System (2013), Dancing with Yin and Yang (2013) and Working with Babies (2016).

Title of Presentation: "Overview of Polyvagal Theory"

Brief Description of Presentation: Polyvagal Theory, the work of Stephen Porges, provides a new understanding of the all-important Autonomic Nervous System, which is the substrate for many health conditions including stress responses. This two-part presentation gives a summary of the theory and its implications for babies and their families, and experiential exercises that confirm the validity of the theory.