The Post-Congress Workshop is a separate paid event following the Congress and is not included with Congress registration.

Post-Congress Workshop 2

Loi Medvin & Deb Puterbaugh, "Walk your Talk, Conscious Self-Care for Birth Keepers"

Check-in: 12:45pm - Please be seated by 1:00 pm

Workshop: 1:00- 5:00pm

4-Hour Certificate Training–Level One
Open to professionals and families

Available CE Credits
ACOG   [medical]  
CES      [mental / behavioral health]
ICEA     [childbirth educator / doula]   
NBCMB [massage therapy / bodywork]
IMUSA   [infant massage]

Brief Bio: Dr. Loi is a licensed psychologist, a mother, community organizer and Ecstatic Dance facilitator. Her clinical training encompasses brain, body and energy Psychology and she brings these together with spiritual and heart-based practices to assist healing and awakening. She has a special focus on the conscious conception/prenatal time (inspired by her own birth process and by her mother - international speaker, author, activist and founder of the BirthKeeper movement - Jeannine Parvati.) You can find out more here:

Brief Bio: Deb Puterbaugh is a childbirth educator, doula, midwife and community organizer. She began her love of birth and family making in 1977. She practiced in Alaska and helped write the legislation that licensed midwives there. She is a founding member of MANA (Midwives Assoc of North America). Deb retired from midwifery in 1995, however the death of her teacher, Jeannine Parvati (2005) and the births of her 8 grandchildren brought her out of retirement and she now practices as a primary care community midwife. Find out more about Deb here:

Title of Presentation: "Walk your Talk, Conscious Self-Care for Birth Keepers"  

Brief Description of Presentation: Learn to re-wire your brain with practical self-soothing strategies. It’s no secret that your job is one of the most sacred and rewarding of life’s paths but is also one of the most taxing and trauma inducing. You care so much AND give so much to others but who cares for you? How do you calm, how do you get your needs met? Somewhere between the oxytocin high and the burnout is a place of ease you can attain and pass on to your clients. Join us to find out how.


  1. Participants will learn how to define trauma inducing experiences in their BirthKeeper work (Midwife, doula, Ob-Gyn, Nurse) as well as to recognize oxytocin highs and burnout states.
  2. Participants will be able to classify foundational self-soothing strategies.
  3. Participants will learn to calm these triggered states and re-wire their brains.
  4. Participants will be able to create a self-soothing plan they can incorporate into their practice.

Selected Bibliography:

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