The Post-Congress Workshop is a separate paid event following the Congress and is not included with Congress registration.

Post-Congress Workshop 4

Francis Rene Van de Carr, Kristin Van de Carr, Barbara Decker & Joseph Jacques, "Prenatal Interventions Programs for the Prevention of Stress & Poverty Induced Neural Deficit"

Check-in: 12:45pm - Please be seated by 1:00 pm

Workshop: 1:00- 5:00pm

4-Hour Certificate Training–Level One
Open to professionals and families

Available CE Credits
ACOG   [medical]  
CES      [mental / behavioral health]
ICEA     [childbirth educator / doula]   
NBCMB [massage therapy / bodywork]
IMUSA   [infant massage]

Francis Rene and Kristin Van de Carr, Brief Bio: Francis Rene Van de Carr, an Obstetrician and author, and Kristin Van de Carr, PhD and Hypnotherapist, developed the Prenatal University Program back in 1984. They are delighted to present their new program with updated benefits of validated research on the benefits of teaching early prenatal classes for prevention of negative outcomes by building stress resilience in the preborn and early postnatal period. 

Barbara Decker, Brief Bio: Barbara C. Decker has been a childbirth educator for over 40 years, and is a hypnobirthing practitioner, a doula, doula trainer and certified prenatal bonding facilitator. She is passionate about the need to teach parents about the intelligence of the baby in the womb and feels it will be a new paradigm in childbirth education.  She is a faculty member of CAPPA, on the REACHE board and treasurer of NGHWA. As a newly elected member of APPPAH she serves as Membership Chair.

Joseph Jacques, Brief Bio: Joseph J. Jacques is a Social Architect, Neo Mythologist, Event Producer, Life Coach, Pianist, Scuba Instructor, and Humanitarian who has spent 20 years studying personal transformation and human potential. Joseph is Director of a Non-profit organization, “Harmonic Humanity,” providing employment, education and counseling for the homeless.

Title of Presentation: "Prenatal Intervention Programs for the Prevention of Stress & Poverty Induced Neural Deficit"  

Brief Description of Presentation: The presentation describes a prenatal intervention program for the development of a resilient child and prevention of neural damage found in the children of socioeconomically stressed mothers. A new paradigm of brain development is presented.


This lecture is designed to help you:

  1. Evaluate pre and perinatal teaching  programs.
  2. Apply prenatal methods for facilitated  language acquisition in infancy.
  3. Identify processes by which preborn learning effects the brain.
  4. Discuss methods for enhancement of parent infant attachment during pregnancy.

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