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Thursday, November 30 2017, 8:00am - 5:00pm

Pre-Congress Workshop 1:

Presentation Part A: Kelduyn Garland, "Factors in Neonatal BondingAttachment"

The interrelationship & interdependence between physiological and psychological aspects of being human, and concerns regarding BondingAttachment issues and dynamics are presented in terms of the quality of care and management given to newborns and the impact this care has on their ability to develop healthy attachments and personalities. These issues are addressed in relation to how newborns are physically handled at birth and the impact that this has on their physical / physiological and psychological development and well-being. Focus is on how the obstetrical and postpartum procedures affect the connective tissue that has been found to be not only physiological in substance but also psychological in nature.  This workshop is especially relevant for physicians, massage & body workers, and somatic therapists.

Presentation Part B: Ray Castellino and Mary Jackson,
"The Social Nervous System, Connection, Blueprint and Clinical Application in Prenatal and Birth Therapy"

Ray Castellino and Mary Jackson will show how Pre and Perinatal Somatic/Psychology as a matrix for the emergence of healthy vibrant families, children and Adults. They will share the latest of how they prepare families for birth and follow up with them after birth. They will share with you how family energy fields emerge and provide optimal environments for the whole family. They will show video of family sessions that demonstrate thademonstrate their work. They will answer the question: How do family and birth practitioners need to be so that babies and families can emerge from traumatic early prenatal and birth experiences into vibrant, regulated, resourced families and individuals?

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Pre-Congress Workshop 2:

Pre & Perinatal Psychology 101

Are you interested in knowing more about pre and perinatal psychology (PPN)?  This workshop, designed for interested health-care providers like yourself, gives a great overview of PPN. Come join us...

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Pre-Congress Workshop 3:

Dennis Hartenstein, "Immediate Postpartum Trauma Intervention"

Cranial-sacral and pre and perinatal psychology tools, when used soon after birth, can reduce the need for medical intervention, and decrease the severity of birth trauma. You will learn anatomy of the skull, neck and back pertinent to birth trauma resolution, including practical information about location, function, and vulnerability of cranial nerves, and blood supply. There will also be experiential hands-on exercises. Techniques will be taught for the resolution of birth trauma, including how to hold and decompress the sub-occipital area, spine, sacrum, and other traumatized areas of the body. You will also be taught how to quickly create a safe and healing container (“womb surround”) while helping the baby to re-connect with their resources. Strategies for how to help a baby that cannot tolerate touch will also be taught. 

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Pre-Congress Workshop 4:

Phyllis Klaus, "Hypnosis & Psychotherapy to Alleviate Pregnancy Complications"

Conditions of pregnancy i.e. hyperemesis gravidarum and premature contractions have proven responsive to hypnosis and brief psychotherapy.  Participants will learn appropriate methods to alleviate these conditions, helping women have more trust in body and baby. 

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Pre-Congress Workshop 5:

Ellen Steinberg and Karyn Quraishy, "Supporting the Conscious Baby with CranioSacral Therapy: A Lactation Consultant Perspective"

Breastfeeding is the gold standard in infant feeding, but its impact goes far beyond the nutritional value of breast milk.  For the baby, breastfeeding enhances anatomical, physiological, and psychosocial development.  For the mother, breastfeeding promotes both physical and mental health. CranioSacral Therapy and SomatoEmotional Release have been demonstrated to support the breastfeeding dyad in multiple dimensions.  The inner wisdom of both mother and baby direct the entire biological process of conception through birth for both participants.  Breastfeeding is the endpoint of the process for both mother and baby.  By blending and melding with both mother and baby, the CranioSacral Therapist can sense the physical, emotional, and energetic connection between mother and child, and can identify and release obstacles to successful bonding and breastfeeding.

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Thursday, November 30 2017, 8:00am - 5:00pm