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Ray Castellino & Mary Jackson

Brief Bio: Dr. Ray Castellino, a retired Chiropractor, Craniosacral Therapist and Polarity Therapist is a respected practitioner, teacher, and clinical researcher. He is also an international leader in pre- and peri-natal somatic psychology and has been working with babies and adults with birth trauma since 1970. He is the director of the Castellino Prenatal and Birth Therapy Training for professionals and co-clinic director with Tara Blasco of BEBA (Building and Enhancing Bonding and Attachment) a non-profit family research clinic).


Brief Bio:  Mary Jackson, the mother of 2 children who were born at home with midwives,  has been a home birth Midwife since 1975. She has attended over 2,500 births in the Santa Barbara, Ventura, and Ojai, California areas and is now attending the home births of her second generation of babies.  Mary has incorporated Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy, the Castellino Prenatal and Birth Trainings and Somatic Experience work into her midwifery practice. Mary is participating in cutting edge research about imprints that occur around the time of conception, pregnancy and birth, how they affect us throughout the rest of our lives, and what it takes to heal from challenges in these experiences.  She is a frequent speaker at national and international conferences, President of the BEBA Clinic in Santa Barbara and Ojai, California and co-leads the Castellino prenatal and birth training.  She is also a Certified Castellino Process Workshop leader. Mary has been featured in 12 books and 5 movies.

Title of Presentation: "Harmonic Resonance & the Blueprint/Imprint of Somatics"

Brief Description of Presentation: Few realize that "sequencing" is a major effect of birth and prenatal imprinting. Ray Castellino and Mary Jackson present compelling approaches for assessing how early life experiences effect the way that we move through our lives as adults. They will show how we repeat the similar sequences throughout our lives and link these sequences to conception and birth. So many of us experience challenges before we begin a project, at the beginning, middle, end or after a project or event. They will show how Sequence Imprinting has major influences on our relationships; personal and professional. Lastly, they will present ways to incorporate and assess and change adverse sequence imprinting with ourselves, in our relationships and our professional practices.