We are delighted that you will be exhibiting with us at the APPPAH 20th International Congress this year!


As detailed on our Sponsor/ Vendor registration page, there are six sponsorship levels available:

Friend: $500
•Half-page ad in program
•One exhibit space during Main Conference
•One Conference registration
•Name and link on Conference webpage

Supporter: $1,000
•Half-page ad in program
•One exhibit space during Main Conference
•Two Conference registrations
•Name and link on Conference webpage
•Inserts in registration packets

Advocate: $1,500
•Half-page ad in program
•Two exhibit space during Main Conference
•Three Conference registrations
•Name, and link on webpage
•Inserts in registration packets

Champion: $2,000
•Full page ad in program
•Two exhibit spaces during Main Conference
•Four Conference registrations
•Name, and link on webpage
•Inserts in registration packets

President's Reception: $1,500
•Half-page ad in the Conference program
•One exhibit space during Main Conference
•One Conference registration
•Opportunity for meet and greet at the door at the opening of the Presidents' Reception
•Name and link on Conference Webpage

Coffee Break: $500 Each
•Friday, December 1, 2017 am/pm;
•Saturday, December 2, 2017 am/pm;
•Sunday, December 3, 2017 am
•One complimentary full registration
•One vendor table in the coffee break area for the allotted time period

If you have not already confirmed your sponsorship registration, you can do so using this link. For all of our confirmed Sponsors and Vendors, here is some important information ahead of the congress for you:

Requirements for all booths:

  • All booth spaces will be indoors. You will receive a 10x10 space at the Town and Country Resort and Convention Center (or two, depending on your sponsorship level).
  • You may configure that space however you desire. There will be NO hanging of anything from the walls of the buildings or structures at the university. All vendors must bring their own stands or fixtures for hanging any banners.
  • You will receive a table, and 2 chairs (or 2 tables/ 4 chairs depending on your sponsorship level).
  • Electricity is available at no additional charge and WiFi will be provided onsite the day of the event.
  • You will be able to set up your table the day before on Thursday from 12pm to 6pm and we will then lock the room securely. 
  • You will receive a maximum of 1 registration ticket for individuals working at your booth, all other support people will need to purchase a registration ticket for entry into the conference.

Advertising Requirements:

Below is the information required from you and the dates due for advertising within the conference program. If we do not receive the appropriate information by the due dates, there is no guarantee that your information will be included.


Program Advertisements: 10/31/2017

Goodie Bag Inserts: 10/31/2017


Program Advertisement:

Please submit your ad to Peg Bledsoe, 2017 International Congress Chair, at congress@birthpsychology.com

  • Full page 5.5" wide x 8.5" high
  • Half page 5.5" wide x 4" high
  • Business card 3.5" wide x 2" high

File Size Requirements for Program Ads Required for Submission

  • Ads will only be accepted as High Res PDF or High Res JPEG files


  • All colors must be CMYK process color or set to grayscale (No RGB or PMS spot colors)
  • All photos and graphics must be 300 dpi resolution; no Web images
  • All layers must be flattened before submission
  • All fonts must be embedded

Filename when submitted must read as follows:

Nbp13_the name of advertiser.pdf or .jpg

Goodie Bag Inserts

Please send your 250 items to:

APPPAH, P.O. Box 412, San Marcos, CA 92079

Attn: Danielle Burns, Administrative Director


We recommend you submit a brochure or coupon for the attendees. Business cards are not recommended. If donating food items, please include only healthy, non-toxic items. Avoid foods such as candy, high sugar or food-coloring dyed items.

How do you know whether your item is considered FREE or you pay for it? The question to ask is: Do you sell this item yourself in your business? Then it’s a sample. If you have put your logo on a chapstick or pen… that is just advertisment and you must pay for that.

Food Samples

You may have requested to provide food samples, information and guidelines will be sent shortly. Please let us know what you plan to provide.

Thank you again for your participation. Once you are confirmed as an exhibitor, you will receive regular communication with helpful resources and support for getting the word out about the event and maximizing your success at the conference event. For questions regarding sponsor/vendor rates, deadlines, exhibitor forms, or other inquiries, please contact Tori Thompson, Registration Coordinator, at registration@birthpsychology.com or Danielle Burns, Administrative Director, at admindirector@birthpsychology.com.