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Thomas Verny

Brief Bio:  Thomas Verny, M.D. is a psychiatrist, writer, academic, and chess enthusiaist. In 1983 he founded APPPAH and served as its president for eight years. In 1986 he launched the association’s journal, which he edited for four years until 1990 and again from 2013 to the present. 

Title of Presentation: "Advances in Neuroscience, Relevance to Pre and Perinatal Psychology"

Brief Description of Presentation: This presentation will explore the effects on the organization and function of the fetal brain of both, environmental factors such as pollution, nicotine, alcohol, plastics and hormone-disrupting chemicals such as BPA as well as maternal and paternal psychological factors such as stress, depression and anxiety. Studies showing marked differences between male and female brains with implications for personality and behavior will also be considered.