Weaving Pre- and Perinatal Psychology into Birth & Midwifery Practice

How we come into this world and our early pre-verbal experiences matter. Midwives and birth workers hold a unique opportunity to help parents and families integrate their early experiences before, during and after birth. Enhancing clinical practice through the addition of pre- and perinatal psychology, begins with practitioners exploring their own early time. In this presentation Moriah Melin will share foundational PPN concepts and how they apply to birth practice. She will share stories about how the application of PPN has influenced her personal life, and the lives of the families she serves.

Moriah Melin RM, CPM

Every day Moriah Melin RM, CPM is humbled by parenthood, partnership, physical health, and the ways she witnesses those around her rise to their challenges. She has been supporting families in childbirth since 1996, and is currently registered as a Midwife in Colorado and Ireland. Moriah is also a Death Midwife, and is currently writing a book titled “How To Show Up for the Dying and Their Loved Ones: What to Do, What to Say.” In addition to midwifery Moriah is personally and professionally passionate about the field of pre- and perinatal psychology. Her family began receiving support from the BEBA family clinic in 2012, and she joined the BEBA Board of Directors in 2016. In 2018 she completed the Castellino Foundation training. Prenatal and postpartum PPN sessions have complimented her midwifery practice since 2012, and she is currently developing curriculum for supporting the dying and their loved ones through the PPN lens. Supporting individuals and families at every stage along the Rainbow Bridge continuum of birth, life and death is her jam.


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Posted on April 25, 2022 by Vishakha Hardas