Healing Arts and Midwifery

Sacred Arts is manifested when we are totally present. Everything we do in life has the potential to be healing. It offers support for couples and single mothers in gestational time. The Arts is sound and vibration which emphasizes the voice of parents to create a strong bonding even before the baby is born. Ancient rituals practiced among the communities in the High Lands provide beautiful opportunities. The ceremony uses prayer and song to lift up the animus of baby and mother to enhance life in the womb. In the Quecha language mishky sheeme means sweet tongue. When you speak with such an intention, the tongue is guided by the heart and manifested as sweet medicine. Water is the great communicator. It transmits sounds into the baby three times faster than air. The baby in the oceanic womb is infused with what the mother is experiencing, and it will be imprinted in its heart, guts and central nervous system. Cultures like ancient Greece created magical spaces to offer couples in gestation a sacred and safe place to honor life. They used all forms of creative arts to up lift the mother’s spirit to influence the baby and create a strong spirit. This is a practice in Samana Taky Wasi (house for music and rest) now Casa Madre which has served couples looking for a special way to deliver their babies for more than 25 years. When the experience of birthing is deeply heard and respected, it will bring the best of us. What a great way to bring rivers of oxytocin to the surface of Earth for beauty and harmony in our life and the life of our communities.

Susana Tapia León

Susana Tapia León started her path seeking for her own healing at a young age. Voice therapy became a tool to heal her own voice. She grew up in the countryside of Punín-Riobamba, Ecuador, where she received the songs and medicine from a native community in the Highlands, keeping these seeds in the depths of her heart and soul. For the past 30 years, she has incorporated sound therapy in her midwifery practices.

She is a holistic artist and a passionate advocator of the rights of the mother-baby, who brings awareness into the community about the innate wisdom that mother-baby-father/partner have always had to support life, knowing that the womb is sacred, so is every child on Earth. Her practice puts a special emphasis on the fusion and deep communication between mother and baby in the womb, as a way to imprint strength and beauty in the spirit of the newborn through sound, healing arts, ceremonial drumming and ancient rituals.




Posted on April 18, 2022 by Catherine Lightfoot