Bonding Therapy
Bonding Therapy is easy to learn and practice. It’s a four-part protocol:
Figuring out there’s a bonding problem
Finding the event that is responsible
Healing the event
Installing a new birth.
Research has been done with this technique to help asthmatic children. 81% of asthmatic children were cured of their asthma.
The four-part protocol will be explained and demonstrated.

Tony Madrid, PhD
Tony Madrid graduated from Washington State University in 1971. He did a Fellowship in Medical Psychology at UCSF and worked as a child psychologist at Sonoma County Mental Health. He was on California’s Board of Psychology, taught at University of San Francisco for 20 years, and has been in private practice for 45 years. He is now working at Redwood Psychology Clinic in Sonoma County. He has published a number of papers and chapters in books on the topic of Bonding Therapy. He was awarded the Hilgard award for his article, “Helping children with asthma using bonding Therapy.”

Posted on October 26, 2021 by Catherine Lightfoot