Everybody needs a Doula
Regardless of where you are birthing, whether you opt for medication or not, whether this is your first or fifth baby all people can benefit from doula care. Families who utilize support during the early postpartum weeks are less likely to suffer from postpartum depression, birth trauma, and be prey to unnecessary medical interventions during labor and delivery. Kaila is a member of the National Black Doula Association and will give voice to the Black birthing person’s experience of birthing in today’s world, and how doulas can help overcome the challenges they face.
“The NBDA connects Black birthing families with Black Doulas nationwide. Our overall mission at NBDA is to help fight the Black Maternal Mortality rate in this country and beyond, through educational development and empowerment.”

Kaila Matthews
Kaila Matthews is a native of Memphis, Tennessee, a wife, a mother of 2, an educator, and owner of WhatTheDoula, LLC. As a certified Doula, she increases awareness amongst minority women around their unique birthing experience educating them on their bodies, their rights, and their role in advocating for themselves and their baby through Birth, Postpartum, and Lactation support. She serves families in Memphis,TN and across the United States virtually. She is a certified yoga instructor and uses her knowledge of movement and breath to help birthing people relax and meet pain in a manageable way. Kaila enjoys being a community Doula with Birth Strides, mentoring local college students, making hairbows, and cooking new recipes for herself and others to enjoy.


Posted on November 11, 2021 by Catherine Lightfoot