Helping Babies Sleep Better by Helping Them Resolve Birth Experience

Many families experience baby sleep challenges and exhaustion. I find that many of these babies are still attempting to process their birth experience. A baby’s ability to relax and his/her quest for resolution can be very interconnected!

Sleep is a state—so we need to look at what’s “on their mind” and preventing these babies from relaxing. In the case of unresolved birth story, babies communicate through movement, play, big feelings, and the way they listen and interact.

We’ll chat about the effects I see of both resolved and unresolved birth stresses on sleep and development, signals to look for, and how I work with all this to help the whole family relax and bond more deeply.

About Eliza Parker

Eliza’s work helping babies (and parents) sleep, move, and feel better revolves around her respect for babies and toddlers as whole people who enter the world aware, desiring to communicate and learn, and with the ability to process and self-heal within relationship.

Her Conscious Baby practice employs unique approaches to non-cry-it-out sleep, baby-led milestone development, healing birth trauma, and parental attunement to non-verbal cues and crying.

As a certified Aware Parenting Instructor, Infant Developmental Movement Educator, Body-Mind Centering® Practitioner, and trained Feldenkrais® practitioner, Eliza’s life-changing perspectives and respectful solutions toward common parenting challenges transcend “typical” parenting advice.

Posted on April 20, 2021 by Eliza Parker