Reading to Babies in the Womb: A Good Idea Whose Time Has Come

It has taken decades for the idea of reading to babies in the womb to catch on—but it is finally here! Research now supports the facts that

·        Babies are conscious in utero

·        Brain development and “programming” begin in the womb

·        Newborn babies prefer their mothers’ voices

·        Two-way communication is possible with babies in the womb

·        Bonding with the unborn child prepares it for securely attaching after birth

·        Stories read to babies while they are in utero are remembered and preferred

This presentation cites current research that supports fetal learning. In addition, Susan will suggest ways to connect with babies in the womb, including reading a story designed specifically for them.

About Susan Highsmith, PhD

Susan Highsmith is a counselor and educator residing in Tucson, AZ. She holds a PhD in Prenatal & Perinatal Psychology and is certified in EMDR, PSYCH-K, and EFT. She instructs and mentors APPPAH Pre- and Perinatal Birth Education students, masters and doctoral candidates, lectures at universities and community colleges, and speaks at international congresses addressing consciousness in the womb and the long-lasting effects of our earliest experiences.

Susan has published an easy-to-read primer introducing prenatal and perinatal psychology to young audiences, The Renaissance of Birth: Changing the Language of Childbirth, and The First Fairy Tale: Books III, and III. Fairy Tale I has been translated in to Spanish and is being translated into Japanese. These tales are metaphors for an ideal passage from the spark of conception to the development of the ability to come into the light, and are specifically designed to be read to babies while they are in the womb.

In addition to being a National Board Certified Counselor (NBCC), Susan holds a Doctorate of Divinity from the American Institute of Holistic Theology (AIHT) and seeks to balance psychological theory and practice with spiritual and holistic wisdom. Her passion is literally to change the language of childbirth to raise consciousness surrounding our beliefs, our principles, and our practices that affect the way we think, feel and act about giving birth and welcoming conscious babies.

Posted on March 2, 2021 by Susan Highsmith, PhD