Socio-Political Dimensions of Pregnancy
Pregnancy is a very intimate and private affair, as well as a very public and political one. A couple expects a baby who will be born, grow into an adorable toddler, then a mischievous child and then a daring teenager who will eventually become and adulthood for the next 50 years or so. Some adults bring joy and solutions to those around them, others bring ruin and despair. Both of these kinds of adults greatly influence the fabric of societies, and their prenatal life echoes into their adulthood, forever influencing them. It is up to societies around the world and their governments, to foster the well-being of expecting mothers, so that they can weave a caring and healthy humanity for planet Earth. Indeed, nature has endowed mothers with the gigantic task of birthing civilizations…
It is time governments protect and inspire the fecund universe of pre-birth parenting. How?

Laura Uplinger, BA
Laura Uplinger is a student and educator in the field of conscious conception, pregnancy, labor and breastfeeding. Since the late 1970s, she has been a proponent of the powerful influence a mother’s inner life has on the formation of her baby during pregnancy and breastfeeding. She leads workshops and gives talks about very early parenting at symposiums, forums, conferences and webinars for birth professionals, students, the public at large in the Americas, and in Europe. From 1988 to 1999, she served on the Board of Directors of APPPAH, and is currently the vice-president of the Brazilian Association for Prenatal Education, with which she takes part in an 18 months training. Together with its president Carla Machado, she travels to Brazilian towns in order to impart the seminar For the World to be Born Happy. She recently moved to São Sebastião, a Brazilian town by the sea, in order to work in a gestational center funded by the local City Hall and dedicated to the well-being of pregnant women.

Posted on December 31, 2021 by Catherine Lightfoot