Healing Awareness within Spirit Baby Communication Practices

What loving awareness can spirit baby communication bring into conception, pregnancy, and infancy loss for parents?
How can spirit baby communication create ease, body connection, and tuned in spiritual listening?
What next steps can you provide to guide the unique journey into spirit baby awareness?
Join and experience principles of spirit baby communication with the language of energy, symbolism, signs, and messages through self awareness and building unique listening and sensing to trust.  Support an understanding that will support spirit baby communication as a relationship with spirit baby before life into pre-birth communication and or after life with birth loss healing.  Access your natural instinctual self into deeper and more open practices of communication with consciously conceiving and sacred pregnancy experiences.

Kelly Meehan, MA

Kelly is a healing visionary, published author, birth advocate, and mother to her sons Rain and little Forest.  She uses her extra sensory awareness of Clairvoyance and Clairsentience, unique perceptions, and clinical psychological training to support the hearts of people all around the world that are looking to connect in a deeply spiritual and awakened way into parenthood.  Her loving services focus on spirit baby communication in conception, energetic fertility healing, medical intuition, pre-birth connection in pregnancy, and sacred grief support in all areas of birth loss (miscarriage, stillbirth, & termination).  ​Kelly understands how to listen to the unseen and deeply felt world of spirit baby and more.

Kelly is the host and creator of SPIRIT BABY with over 125 episodes.  She has been in the media on birth related and spiritual podcasts and radio shows as a guest expert, being invited and attending over 20 online global summits with topics such as: fertility, pregnancy, grief, and spirituality.  She has been featured in Blogs, magazines, and articles.  She has been on a TV Show (Nighttime Prime) Nick MOMS sharing her work.

Posted on January 25, 2022 by Wendy Bruns