Utilizing the Potential of the Birth Field to repair Birth Trauma for Mother & Child

The power of the womb goes beyond gestating & birthing our babies—it’s a portal that can access healing energy for addressing trauma prior to conception, such as repairing disruptions to a woman’s pelvic connection from sexual or other root traumas as well as to assist the repair of prenatal loss or birth trauma. Having worked with the potential of the womb for the past 25 years, Tami Lynn Kent, MSPT, will share her work with this potent place in the female body that has resources far beyond what most women or providers recognize.

Tami Lynn Kent, MSPT

Tami Lynn Kent is the founder of Holistic Pelvic Care for women and author of Wild Feminine, Mothering from Your Center and Wild Creative.  Tami is a Women’s Health Physical Therapist with a master’s degree in physical therapy. In 2019 she presented a TEDx talk called “The Vagina Whisperer: Moving from Shame to Honor in the Female Body.” She has worked with thousands of women in pregnancy and postpartum pelvic care and runs an international training program for women’s health practitioners. Tami is the mother to three beautiful sons. She is passionate about teaching women and mothers ways to cultivate the creative energy meant to flow through all aspects of ones life to access this beauty and wildness within. Find out more at www.wildfeminine.com.

Posted on December 14, 2021 by Catherine Lightfoot