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Boston: Vanguard, 1997, 302 pp., $18.95. To order toll-free: 1-888-445-5199. ISBN 0-9644895-3-8.
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Circumcision: The Hidden Trauma
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October, 1997
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This fascinating book is profoundly disturbing. It is not for the weak or insecure because of the painful and complex social implications-and the guilt. As a physician who has performed circumcisions (and hated every second), and as a mother of three intact children (two boys and one girl), I found myself thankful I had the courage to stop performing circumcisions and left my boys intact. But I also became despondent reading Goldman's book: Suddenly I became aware of how our medical system and society has failed our children in so many ways. I realized I had fallen prey to many of our cultural and medical games/expectations and had not nurtured my children as I should have. Reading this book has permanently changed my perspective on our society, and on my practice of medicine. Ronald Goldman's book is well-researched and well-written. I highly recommend it for medical and legal professionals, policy makers, and the public.

(This review was first published in The Compleat Mother.)

Note: For editorial commentary on Goldman's book consult : Volume 11 Number 4, Summer,1997.