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Lonavla, Maharashtra State, India: Manashanti New Way Ashram
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The Emotional World of the Fetus (2009)
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May, 2010
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An entertaining and inspirational handbook on The Emotional World of the Fetus by Gajanan Kelkar (2009) has been born at the unique Manashakti Research Center, in Lonavla, India where the author directs one of the most popular programs of prenatal education in the world today. The program which has been developing during the last 25 years weds a classical tradition of mind cultivation with modern principles of prenatal psychology and uses systematic measurements to verify the benefits and rewards which come to parents and babies alike.

Highly favored courses include a 3 -day residential study course on Fetal Potential which began in 1994 and grew in the first six years to include 36 classes for over 7,000 participants; it is now taught six times a year at the Research Center. The Prenatal Education Workshop for couples which began in 2002 and has already grown to 270 workshops and involved 13,500 couples; this course is offered monthly in more than twenty towns throughout the State of Maharashtra and is taught in both the local language and in English.

The handbook, just published, joins an innovative Prenatal Education Kit, packed with eight resources including an audio CD of music for the unborn, a video CD of Yoga exercises to be performed during pregnancy, a booklet of classic prayers and blessings, a Prenatal Record Book, and other illuminating articles about enlightened parenting in India.

Kelkar's manual of 156 pages is remarkably compact, comprehensive, and readable, yet soundly based on up-to-date principles and understandings of birth psychology. The Appendix of five documents contains detailed information about their programs, research projects and findings, measuring instruments, tests, questionnaires, AND a page of photos of some of their happy babies!

For prices, availability, and other information, you can email the author and director at: gsk@manashakti.org or kelkar@mac.com.