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What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Circumcision
Reviewer: Marilyn Fayre Milos
Date of Review: 03/2004

Several decades ago, Sheila Curran, R.N., and I founded the National Organization of Circumcision Information Resource Centers (NOCIRC), of which I am currently the director. In our efforts to educate the public on the facts about circumcision, I learned early on several important lessons: first, generally speaking, no one wants to hear bad news; second, no parent wants to be told that he or she has done something wrong to their child; third, no circumcised adult male wants to be told that the size and sensitivity of his penis has been diminished by genital alteration. The overwhelming...

The Psychology of Birth
Reviewer: Donna Worden
Date of Review: 10/2003

My first impression of this video program was "What nice music!" And there are many other features that make it worthy of attention, notably, interviews with many of the bright, early lights in the field of pre- and perinatal psychology and health. Offering tidbits throughout the film are Thomas Verny, Marshall Klaus, Stanislav Grof, Bruce Lipton, Phyllis Klaus, Susan Love, Bob Oliver and the filmmaker herself, Barbara Findeisen.

Dr. Verny tells us that the nine months in utero are the most psychologically significant in the lifespan, there is no separation between mind and body,...

Nature, Nurture, and the Power of Love: The Biology of Conscious Parenting; The new science of how parents shape the character and potential of their child's life
Reviewer: Barbara Findeisen
Date of Review: 05/2003

Dr. Bruce Lipton's new video, "Nature, Nurture, and the Power of Love," is a must-see for anyone interested in parenting, biology, preand perinatal psychology, or the influence of genetic development. This brilliant and exciting video provides a major contribution in understanding the role environment plays in genetic selection. Contrary to the currently accepted dogma of Genetic Determinism, genes have no ability to self-start. In fact, genes are activated by signals from the environment. The old medical model, that we are merely biochemical machines controlled by our genes, can no longer...

The Radiant Heart: Healing the Heart, Healing the Soul and Birthing Radiant Babies
Reviewer: Dorothea S McArthur
Date of Review: 05/2003

The Radiant Heart is a positive and clearly written book outlining Radiant Heart Therapy, developed by Dr. Wendt. The book also describes the personal growth Dr. Wendt has accomplished, to acquire the spiritual connections necessary to be truly creative with her own life and with others. She shares her own doubts and concerns and demonstrates how these issues were resolved for her. She has helped her psychotherapy patients to not only deal with their traumas and unresolved issues but become spiritually open. Sharon Wendt works with patients both in individual and group work.


A Clear Road to Birth
Reviewer: Giselle E Whitwell
Date of Review: 03/2003

This remarkable and revolutionary video takes us on a journey not heretofore shared in the visual realm. It documents the unassisted childbirth movement, including how it came into existence in the 1950s and continues to grow, along with the particular experiences of several trailblazing mothers who have given birth without assistance from other than immediate family members.

Laura Shanley wrote a book entitled Unassisted Childbirth in 1994 and was the catalyst for this movement. She became a source of information for other women who felt a deep desire to birth by themselves. The...

Tomorrow's Baby: The Art and Science of Parenting From Conception through Infancy
Reviewer: David B Chamberlain
Date of Review: 03/2003

Tomorrow's Baby: The Art and Science of Parenting From Conception Through Infancy caps a series of path-breaking Verny books from 1982 to 2002 which go to the core challenge of conscious early parenting that may well determine the survival or disintegration of modern civilization. All carry the Verny trademark in being visionary, courageous, and helpful. This book, written with noted journalist Pamela Weintraub, puts the latest scientific information in the hands of parents determined to fulfill their deeply-felt responsibilities to consciously parent, richly endow, and proudly send forth...

Building the Bonds of Attachment: Awakening Love in Deeply Troubled Children
Reviewer: Michael Trout
Date of Review: 12/2002

Daniel Hughes demonstrates, in this volume and in his Facilitating Developmental Attachment: The Road to Emotional Recovery (Jason Aronson, 1997), an astonishing understanding of what it is to be a child damaged by insidious combinations of abuse, trauma, and loss. But his understanding goes way beyond sweet empathy and directly into practical, methodical, principled methods of looking after such damaged children and bringing them back to humanity: where impulses to "hurt back" are managed, where affection is given and received, where the everlasting need to be in control can be...

Having Faith
Reviewer: Stephanie Mines
Date of Review: 12/2002

"Everything is political."-Ani DeFranco

Perhaps the greatest threats to future generations are the toxic pollutants that proliferate unchecked in our environment and that migrate with ease across the placental barrier. Biologist Sandra Steingraber wrote this book while she was pregnant with her first daughter, Faith. It chronicles the stages of pregnancy she experienced, with attention to the embryological details of development. Deeply personalized renderings of what it is like to carry your first child are relayed alongside the truth about the impact of pernicious pollutants on...

Stories of the Unborn Soul: The Mystery and Delight of Pre-Birth Communication
Reviewer: Mariellen O'Hara
Date of Review: 12/2002

Stories of the Unborn Soul is a dynamic and thought provoking collection of heartfelt, personal accounts, of doctors, nurses, midwives, parents, grandparents, and children, of prenatal "soul" experiences. If you believe in love connecting couples together to have children, you will be inspired and touched by these stories, which show life essence and love crossing all known physical boundaries. If you allow it to, this book will dispel any doubt in your mind that we have a spirit essence or soul connection. If you are a skeptic regarding pre-birth connections, this book will challenge you...

The Farmer and the Obstetrician
Reviewer: Jeannine Parvati Baker
Date of Review: 12/2002

Possibly Michel Odent's most important book to date, The Farmer & The Obstetrician details how agribusiness and the medical MANagement of childbirth were co-arising in the last century and the devastating impact these industries have had upon the Earth, along with society and families. In 159 pages that read more like a timely exposé than dry, scientific research, the author (an M.D.) suggests that we can help repair the devastation by adopting a sustainable model of childbirth care.

Odent analogizes what went wrong with industrialized agriculture as relevant to medicalized...

The 8th Day: Examining Circumcision
Date of Review: 10/2002

This documentary is an enormously important, soul-searching voice in today's heated debate over newborn circumcision, an age-old practice that persists in the United States despite there being no valid scientific evidence to justify it. The video follows three couples with differing beliefs about circumcision as they struggle to reconcile tradition (at least one of the members of the couple is Jewish in each family) and family pressure with ethics and parental instincts regarding the circumcision of their newborn sons. One partner in each couple is seriously questioning the necessity of...

Welcoming Spirit Home: Ancient African Teachings to Celebrate Children and Community
Date of Review: 10/2002

Welcoming Spirit Home is a book that anyone interested in birth, children, or the fostering of non-violent, compassionate societies is likely to want to read. Start to finish. In one sitting.

In this warm and majestically written little book (a mere 5 by 7 inches, and only 140 pages in length), Sobonfu Some brings to life the importance of an entire community's celebrating the significance of the processes of a baby's conception, a woman's pregnancy, life in the womb, the mother and child's birth, and their bond and development as souls, in the context of their family and community-...

Book Review: Prenatal Yoga and Natural Childbirth
Reviewer: Jeane Rhodes
Date of Review: 05/2002

This Silver Anniversary, 3rd edition of Jeannine Parvati Baker's classic, Prenatal Yoga and Natural Childbirth, brings the gift of a new Preface and 30 new pages for long-time fans of this author. The additional pages include the stories of the births of Jeannine's sixth child, Halley Sophia, and her first grandchild, Wynn to first-born daughter, Loi, as well as Jeannine's reflections on becoming a Grand Mother, and an extensive biography of the author.

New readers will find inspiration and challenge to consider new possibilities for the bringing of children into this world, by...

Der Seelenraum des Ungeborenen. Pränatale Psychologie und Therapie (The Psychic Space of the Unborn Child: Prenatal Psychology and Therapy)
Reviewer: Tilmann Moser
Date of Review: 05/2002

In the textbooks on psychotherapy, the terms birth and pregnancy, not to mention the experience of birth and prenatal experience, hardly come up at all. From the point of view of prenatal psychology, this constitutes a systematic distraction from the relevance that experiences at the beginning of life have for an individual's lifehistory.

This is the powerful conclusion to the new book by Ludwig Janus, a book based on extensive self-orientation in psychoanalysis and primal therapies in the broad sense and on a sound knowledge of literature. Janus has been trying to integrate...

Adoption Wisdom: A Guide to the Issues and Feelings of Adoption
Reviewer: Claire Winstone
Date of Review: 03/2002

Adoption Wisdom is a valuable starting point for adoptees, birth parents, adoptive parents, or those who simply want to explore the meaning of the adoption experience. It is a fast and informative read likely to hold the attention of anyone with a personal or professional interest in the topic. The author covers the history of adoption, the issues and feelings of each member of the "adoption triad", and insights into the process of search and reunion and the relationships that result. There is a section on the future of adoption, and another for those contemplating adoption that offers...

Doctors Re-examine Circumcision
Reviewer: J Steven Svoboda
Date of Review: 03/2002

Physicians Thomas Ritter and George Denniston have found a new publisher who has just reprinted a larger-format, lightly updated edition of their straightforward yet deceptively powerful book, formerly entitled Say No to Circumcision.

Doctors Re-examine Circumcision devotes one to six pages to explaining, in simple layman's terms, the meaning and ramifications of each of the authors' forty reasons to say no to circumcision. The reasons themselves ably summarize the various relevant issues: Circumcision is very painful and traumatizing, produces psychological and emotional pain, and...

Understanding Circumcision: A Multi-Disciplinary Approach to a Multi-Dimensional Problem
Reviewer: J Steven Svoboda
Date of Review: 03/2002

This edited collection contains the principal papers of the excellent 6th International Symposium on Genital Integrity, held in December 2000 in Sydney, Australia. Because these papers are so unusual in content I have decided to list the chapters for you rather than risk generalizing and possibly obscuring any of them. Here they are.

1. Ending the Forced Genital Cutting of Children and the Violation of their Human Rights: Ethical, Psychological and Legal Considerations by Gregory J. Boyle, Ph.D.

2. Jewish Circumcision: An Enigma in Historical Perspective by Leonard B. Glick,...

Fathering Right from the Start: Straight Talk about Pregnancy, Birth, and Beyond
Reviewer: Belden Johnson
Date of Review: 12/2001

Because fathers are all too often "invisible partners" in the parenting process, Dr. Jack Heinowitz's cogent and simply written book comes as a welcome addition to the literature on parenting. Its principal strengths are that it finds means of including fathers in the process while normalizing "negative" feelings and giving concrete suggestions about how to process them, alone and together with your partner. The basic thesis of this book is that fathering-and parenting in general-is not a question of clever technique, of learning how to do something "right" (despite the pun on this word...

Queen Jin's Handbook of Pregnancy
Reviewer: David B Chamberlain
Date of Review: 12/2001

Jeremy Seligson, a long-time member of APPPAH, was born in the nation's capital, studied international relations at the University of Southern California and won a J.D degree from Indiana University. Upon graduation in 1970 he served as a Peace Corps volunteer lawyer in the Ethiopian Ministry of Land Reform during the reign of Haile Sellasie II, the last Emperor of Ethiopia. In the 1970s he explored remote regions of Africa, Asia, and Europe, studied poetry in Japan and began teaching English at Hankuk University of Foreign Studies in Seoul, Korea.

A soft-spoken scholar, poet, and...

The Aware Baby
Reviewer: David B Chamberlain
Date of Review: 12/2001

The title of this book, The Aware Baby, immediately sets it off from other faddish guide books being offered to parents these days to help them understand and care for their infants. There is nothing accidental about the emphasis on the nature of the baby as an aware, feeling person or on the great importance of the first frontier of human development from conception to 2.5 years of age. This book is solidly based on discoveries in the new science of prenatal and perinatal psychology. An advantage in this revised edition is that it has been thoroughly tested by parents in nine countries...