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Birth and Relationships: How Your Birth Affects Your Relationships
Reviewer: Cheryl Irving
Date of Review: 10/1988

Our relationships can be clear and complete only when we dissolve our resistance to having that ideal condition. Unconscious birth memories bar the way as a closed portal on the path back to bliss.

-Fredric Lehrman (p.ix)

Thus begins this exploration into how pre- and peri-natal memories and our adult relationships are intertwined. Written both for a general audience and \rebirthers" in an anecdotal, personal style with an almost evangelical flavor, Sondra Ray and Bob Mandel delve headfirst into this most complex topic. Their information, gathered from rebirthing sessions and...

The Aware Baby. A New Approach to Parenting
Reviewer: Cheryl Irving
Date of Review: 10/1988

Here is a genuinally unorthodox approach to parenting. It's not liberal or conservative; it's not angry or euphoric; it's a feeling, open discussion of real issues that occur in the relationship of parent and baby. The big difference with this book is the emphasis on feelings both the baby's and the parent's.

Solter claims hers is an "entirely new approach to parenting" (p.2). Her inspirations were Re-Evaluation Therapy, Parent Effectiveness Training, Primal Therapy and her own experience as a mother of two. Her book is a contribution to:

a definite trend towards more aware...

Mind Over Labor
Reviewer: Sylvia Klein Olkin
Date of Review: 05/1988

Mind Over Labor is a step by step guide which uses mental imagery to help the expectant mother tap into her inner resources and strengths in order to surrender and work with labor. Jones recognizes that the body and the mind have to work in harmony in pregnancy and during labor-a truly holistic approach.

This well researched book discusses issues new on the childbirth scene such as the altered state of mind of the laboring woman. Jones concludes, "As her heart (right) brain comes to dominate the scene, the laboring woman becomes more intuitive, more 'primitive.' She also becomes...

The Awakening and Growth of the Human: Studies in Infant Mental Health
Reviewer: Thomas R Verny
Date of Review: 05/1988

The series of five tapes is aimed at an audience of clinicians, educators and researchers. I reviewed Unit 2 and Unit 4.

Unit 2. "The Psychological Dimensions of Pregnancy and Delivery"-a description of the intense but quite normal psychological work engaged in by a pregnant woman, how it changes her relationship with her mate, what difference this work makes for her future relationship with the baby, how it all comes together at labor and delivery to the benefit or detriment of the mother-infant bond, and how the father finds a place in this process and prepares for the newborn's...

Prenatal Yoga & Natural Birth Jeannine Pavati Baker
Reviewer: Beverly Stokes
Date of Review: 10/1987

This new edition of "Prenatal Yoga and Natural Birth" illustrates an intimate personalized journey into the childbirth experience. Jeannine Pavati Baker, a world renowned midwife has ritualized this experience through the use of gentle movements, sound and meditations. She has provided a variety of postures and their transitions so that each woman can choose the most effortless and efficient way of executing these movement sequences for her own particular body structure. It is important to read the physiological description of the exercises as well as looking at the photographs for the...

The Dream Worlds of Pregnancy
Reviewer: Cheryl Irving
Date of Review: 05/1987

During the first part of my pregnancy, I avoided this book. I wasn't having any dreams myself that seemed any different from normal times and I didn't trust that there was any valid material in it. During my second trimester, however, babies began to appear in my dreams, babies being dropped on their heads, big, baby Huey babies and soft cuddly babies. And my mother appeared to help me. The book started looking more interesting and, now that I've read it, I see that the dreams I had are not at all uncommon in pregnant women, especially during the second trimester.

Eileen Stukane...

Different Doorway: Adventures of a Cesarean Born
Reviewer: Liz Iwata
Date of Review: 03/1987

Different Doorway, by Jane Butterfield English, is an intreguing document chronicling her ten-year endeavour to understand the personal ramifications of her birth by cesarean section.

This highly personal journal is devided into three parts. Part 1 is the prologue, an explanation of her decision to undertake this inner search, and the methodology utilized.

The journey itself, explored mainly in documented dreams, visualizations, art and therapy sessions, comprises the second part. It is very graphically and vividly written, encompassing nine years of thoughts, experiences,...

Found: A Place For Me
Reviewer: Thomas R Verny
Date of Review: 12/1986

Don't be put off reading this book by the introduction. I almost was. It is as if it had been written by someone other than the person who wrote the rest of the book. What do you make of sentences such as:

Spitz further observed that infants who had better mothering (better than what?) tended to experience greater difficulty (greater than who?) once they were able to distinguish from other caretakers (I think she means distinguish their own mothers from other caretakers) as they approached the issue of separation anxiety. (p. xii)

How does a child "approach the issue of...

Reviewer: Anonymous
Date of Review: 12/1986

The authors have produced a most attractive package which contains a booklet on theory and practice of parent-child communication and a 60 minute audio cassette.

Side one of the cassette offers information about the purpose of "Heartsongs" and why voice and singing are used to communicate with one's baby. Side two contains fourteen songs based on traditional folksongs. Verse options for both expectant and new parents are suggested.

Both the booklet and the spoken explanations on the cassette are downto-earth and engage our attention immediately. I think Leon Thurman's voice...

How to Have a Smarter Baby
Reviewer: Thomas R Verny
Date of Review: 12/1986

Susan Ludington-Hoe has written a practical, easy to read guide for parents who want to provide a stimulus rich environment for their babies and thus maximize their potential. The first 45 pages deal with the world of the unborn and the rest of the book concerns itself with the newborn child and infant.

The post-natal sections of the book are incredibly good. We learn about the sensory capabilities of the baby and how to stimulate them through a wide variety of games, toys and tools. The author provides the reader with step by step procedures, even drawings, that parents can trace...

Love Chords
Reviewer: Thomas R Verny
Date of Review: 12/1986

The selections of classical music on Love Chords which is available in both casette and record forms and comes with a Pregnancy Guide are based on four years of research by both authors. The record features the works of Baroque and post-Baroque composers such as Bach, Vivaldi, Telemann, etc. particularly their slow movements.The effect of this music on the listener is to induce in them an alpha state, a state of attentive relaxation best suited for learning. Consequently, listening to the music will facilitate communication between parents and their unborn children. The music is meant to...

Official Journal of the Pre and Peri-Natal Psychology Association of North America (PPPANA)
Reviewer: Thomas R Verny
Date of Review: 10/1986

The PPPJ will publish findings from the cutting edge of the rapidly growing science of Pre and Peri-Natal Psychology. The Journal is the first periodical dedicated to the in-depth exploration of the psychological dimension of human reproduction and pregnancy and the mental and emotional development of the unborn and newborn child. It is intended to provide a forum for the many disciplines involved such as obstetrics, midwifery, nursing, perinatalogy, pediatrics, pre-natal preparation, psychology, psychiatry, law, and ethology. We shall also deal with the numerous ethical and legal dilemmas...

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