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Bradley Boatman Productions, P.O. Box 4141, Malibu, CA 90265.
Reviewed Title: 
A Gift for the Unborn Children
Publication Date: 
December, 1988
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In my opinion this is one of the best, possibly the best video ever made on Prenatal Education. The producers started with a simple formula: interview some of the leading experts attending the 2nd International PPPANA Congress in San Diego in 1985. However, not only did they edit these interviews superbly so that every word really says something but more importantly they succeeded in capturing on celluloid these experts' deep caring for the humanity of the unborn child and the pregnant mother.

Yet this is not a bunch of interviews strung together with a few clever phrases by a narrator, a format seen too often. Though the content of the interviews is important what Laura Uplinger, the writer of this film, has done is to blend information about Prenatal Psychology with visual imagery and music into a total experience which illuminates the mind as it touches the heart and lifts the spirit.

This film is a wonderful introduction to the basic concepts of Pre- and peri-Natal Psychology. I think it is particularly well suited for schools and pre-natal classes. It might also be shown at local PPPANA Chapter meetings followed by discussion. I truly recommend this film without reservations for any audience except hard-nosed health professionals who know that babies don't feel and don't think.