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Music Study Services, Englewood, CO.
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December, 1986
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The authors have produced a most attractive package which contains a booklet on theory and practice of parent-child communication and a 60 minute audio cassette.

Side one of the cassette offers information about the purpose of "Heartsongs" and why voice and singing are used to communicate with one's baby. Side two contains fourteen songs based on traditional folksongs. Verse options for both expectant and new parents are suggested.

Both the booklet and the spoken explanations on the cassette are downto-earth and engage our attention immediately. I think Leon Thurman's voice is just perfect for the task, both resonant with conviction and upbeat. The dialogues between him and Anna Peter Langness are brief and to the point and their singing voices are appealing.

This package achieves what it sets out to do with honesty and skill. I think the use of "Heartsongs" will contribute to the establishment during pregnancy of a strong and loving bond between unborn children and their parents and thus benefit the emotional and intellectual growth of the whole family.